Both hyperviscosity and hypercoagulability have been shown to be markers or risk factors for poor prognosis.
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Vascular diseases are widespread, their timely diagnosis and treatment help to increase the duration and quality of life of specific individuals and improve public health indicators (decrease in disability, mortality rates, severe complications of the disease). Prevalence of asymptomatic peripheral arterial disease. In the Rotterdam study, using the ROSE questionnaire, an analysis was made of the spread of LAD and HRP in 7715 patients over 55 years of femara. The presence of LAD was judged by the ankle-brachial index (ABI) of less than 0.90 on any lower limb.

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Pathology of peripheral arteries was detected in 19.1% of patients, of which 16.9% were men and 20.5% women. At the same time, only 1.6% of them reported symptoms of PC. Moreover, among persons with identified LAD who reported PC, the number of men was twice as high as women (8.7% and 4.9%, respectively). Similar results were obtained in the San Luis Valley Diabetes study. In a population of middle-aged Southern California men and women of 68 years, 11.7% of cases had large vessel involvement, consistent with the generally accepted incidence of LAI according to ABI.

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Mistakes and complications in the provision of medical care to patients with purulent-inflammatory diseases of the fingers and hands at the outpatient and inpatient stages. The problem of providing medical care to patients with purulent-inflammatory diseases of letrozole and hands remains relevant, since the prevalence of this pathology in Russia is quite high. It is possible to prevent long-term disability and disability in panaritiums and phlegmons of the hand when providing medical care even at the level of the clinic, since in the vast majority of cases the cause of their development is a microtrauma left without due attention.

Unfortunately, the level of surgical treatment of patients with purulent pathology of the fingers and hand at the outpatient stage often does not correspond to modern achievements in hand surgery. In the City Clinical Hospital No. 4 of Moscow, there is a specialized department for surgery of purulent pathology of the fingers and hand, where patients with purulent infection of the upper extremities are concentrated. During 1998 alone, 1,500 patients received inpatient care.

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Analyzing the quality of medical care that patients received before admissioniya to the hospital, we identified a number of characteristic errors. In order to avoid their repetition, we took the liberty of presenting recommendations on rational, from our point of view, approaches to the treatment of femara pills and phlegmon of the hand at the outpatient stage. Mistakes in the surgical treatment of random purulent wounds.

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The most typical mistake of polyclinic surgeons is the refusal of the primary surgical treatment of random purulent wounds. A purulent wound must be surgically treated - under conduction anesthesia, a necrectomy is performed with a revision of all damaged structures. Wounds on the back surface of the fingers and hand in the projection of the interphalangeal and metacarpophalangeal joints require special attention.

If the wound was received by hitting the teeth, in most cases, penetration of the wound into the joint cavity with further development of destruction of the articular ends should be expected. We observed 13 patients in whom outpatient incisions were made on the dorsum of the hand for phlegmon that developed after an injury against the teeth, but none of them was diagnosed with damage to the metacarpophalangeal joint capsule.